Eco-Brand Energy Savers

Sun Telecom has been working for years in the field of renewable energy by carrying out the installation of energy saving.
With our equipment while improving the performance of the electrical system of your home or property, we guarantee reducing the electricity bill and, we are so sure that terminals for Energy Savings offered do not meet expectations, the teams withdraw this does not represent any cost to them.


What is ECO-BRAND?

ECO-BRAND is a device that controls the power consumption and is an addition to the existing grid.

The function of ECO-BRAND is to stabilize energy consumption by limiting both intensity peaks that occur either in consumption by commissioning, brownouts or micro-or in the sounds presenatn power lines. This optimizes the flow of current and makes the system more efficient, allowing for savings in addition to improving the efficiency of appliances or any connected equipment.

Why install the stabilizer ECO-BRAND?

1º- Improving the electrical system
2º- Reduces power consumption facilities with inductive and capacitive loads.
3º- Reduce the temperature of the cable
4º- Extends the life of the electrical installation compronentes
5º- Save energy consumed in Euros
6º- Rapid payback
7º- Easy to install and with a useful life of at least 12 years
8º- 2 year warranty
9º- Fully guaranteed by the manufacturer, both the use and energy saving (between 15-20%)
10º- Lifetime maintenance of the team

How we work?

At the same time we contract commitment to our customers, we made a proposal to estimating savings and savers once installed, will conduct a series of in situ tests where you can see how consumption is reduced. Once demonstrated savings, proceed to payment thereof.

Also, Sun Telecom takes over at no cost to our customers of faults that may occur to equipment, consisting of 2 years warranty from the date of invoice.





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